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Free shipping on all orders $75+ with code FREESHIP
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About Us


 A little bit about us:

 We are a small catholic business, aiming to bring light and a smile into every home through our carefully handcrafted natural goods. With the word of God guiding us every step we take! As we expand you will be able to find some of our favorite Scripture throughout our product lines +  we have some ideas on how to better show case our faith even more later on down the line, we can't wait! Fun fact - This company was started in the middle of a pandemic - a true testament to our faith.


A letter from our owner: 

A huge hello and welcome to anyone reading this! My name is Katie/Kadi, however you spell it doesn't bother me. The nick-name stems from my real name - Khadisha. Now that we're on a first name basis, heres a little about me. I have a strong background in the beauty industry. I am a licensed full specialist by the state of Florida. I am a single mom to a perfect 2 year old little boy. He is my world. I have struggled with anxiety on and off for as long as I can remember and if you would have asked me about ever owning a candle business years ago, I would have looked at you crazy. I honestly do not distinctly remember how exactly I came across candle making. What I DO remember is praying quite a bit more than I ever had before... & then coming across a candle making craft video on YouTube and thinking to myself how much that would probably help with my anxiety. I started watching more videos, and more videos, and fell in love with the process. I really felt like I was called to this. Ordered some supplies...and the rest is history. I have always preferred using more natural products but after having my son and REALLY educating myself on the ingredients most big name companies use (yes - even in candles) it pushed me to want to do the very best I can to make these products as clean as possible, for my little family, and for anyone else looking for a healthier option. For that reason, I make a promise to you, that we will continue to do our very best, to not only make as little environmental impact as possible with our packaging, but also to keep our products as clean as we possibly can. We are committed to our growth and look forward to making even more positive changes down the line & implementing new ideas to keep this brand as natural + eco friendly as possible.

We are Kerygma Candle & Co.

& We would love to welcome you onto our site and into our little family!   :)